Dead Leaves

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Plot Summary (AnimeOnDVD):

Pandy and Retro, two unlikely renegades, awaken naked on Earth with no recollection of their past. After embarking on a devastating crime spree for food, clothing and transportation in downtown Tokyo, they are captured by the authorities and sent to the infamous lunar prison called Dead Leaves.

After a brief incarceration, they discover that the prison is really a top-secret cloning facility, occupied by villainous prison guards and deformed genetic experiments. High-speed frantic action combined with hyper-violent and semi-humorous chase scenes follow as the two decide to break out of the prison with the aid of their fellow mutant inmates.


Action, Cyborgs, Ecchi, Military, Nudity, Seinen, Sex, Slapstick, Space, Super Power, Twisted Plot, Underworld, Violence

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Megaupload 704*480 - mkv None
Fileserve (Parts 1-2 of 2) 704*480 - mkv None
Thehylia 704*480 - mkv None
Omarroms 704*396 - mkv None
Anime-Access FILL IN LATER - mkv Paid Registration


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