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Not just a bad-ass LapFoxTrax song.

10 Feb 2013 23:58 UbermanUberman

About time things were said to be what they are:

I'm a university student with little time, also the sole owner and member of staff of a wiki with at least 1.5 thousand pages of content which I can only edit individually.

Further, the fansubbing climate is such that it is fairly fruitless for anyone to effectively offer comprehensive direct downloads to all anime series, let alone a university student in possession of no resources. Both legally and logistically.

I am going to keep this site, but it's got to change its focus if it is to be usable at all. I cannot even begin to dredge up the willpower and time to run it in its previous capacity, so I'll have to have a wee think to see how I can adapt it.

You're welcome to give me suggestions. The only thing that's really come to my mind so far is to catalogue only certain anime series (of a certain quality or age perhaps). This would lessen the workload and allow greater focus and higher quality on the series that were chosen.

Best regards regardless of all this,


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DDL-Hentai is closing its doors

24th Jan 2009 - to - 05th Jun 2012

05 Jun 2012 19:38 UbermanUberman

DDL-Hentai has been put to bed indefinitely. If you'd like to read why then you can check out the ending speech here on OSMOSIS's Blog, or you can view an offline version and most comments here.

Thanks to Major for archiving the important areas of the site:

All Download Links
All Posts
Oh Internet!

I would like to thank the DDL-Hentai community for making my job so wonderful, yet also lambast them for making it so bloody difficult to actually go through with this! The dynamic we had was special, I think, due to the nature of the site. Not to mention the conviction displayed in your comments was moving beyond words and I feel the ending to all this has almost been better than I deserve. It makes my heart swell with pride to see people touting our work as the best hentai site they knew, and crediting our awesome community as having enriched them as individuals. If ever a man got emotional over an adult website, this would be the time.

Thank you all.

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DDL-Hentai.com has been suspended! Oh no!

17 Feb 2012 13:09 UbermanUberman

DDL-Hentai.com has been suspended! I'm talking with our host now determining whether the suspension is indefinite or just temporary and if there is anything that can be done to expedite the process.

Turns out that the account was suspended for resource over-consumption of all things!

Edit: Moving through the steps of unsuspending the account now, apparently a PHP script was at least partly to blame, along with high volumes of traffic!

We're back up!

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